Who are we? Why are we?

Cyber Amira is a English Arabic name meaning Cyber Princess. Royalty of the cyber realm, if you will.

We are a group of freelancers whose expertise cover a wide range of niche cyber skills. From Pentesting, OSINT, Reverse Engineering, to Threat intelligence, We even have a couple linguist! But, the one thing we all have in common is a passion for our field.

Threat chains refers to the process leading up to an intrusion attack or malware infection. (AKA chain of attack, chain of infection.)

We are ready to help break your threat chains and even prevent chains from taking root, by giving you the knowledge you need to be prepared and take action early.

We came together to offer people low cost cyber services that bigger companies will charges thousands of dollars for as a add on to their product. We have no products to sell you.

You won't be stuck in contract (unless you want one) or pushed to buy more products (we don't sell product solutions).

You'll receive royal treatment from us!

Also be sure to support these freelancers in the merch section! Our freelancers will be adding their other trade crafts there! We have plans to label which freelancer did which piece in the future so you can decide which freelancer's art you would like to purchase.

أميرة الإنترنت
Cyber Amira