Should I click it?!

We have all been there.

We get an email and it seems legit.

Everything appears right.

But our gut is saying something is off.

The email seems to be from a trusted source asking us to check our account using the link provided.

What do you do?!

Don't click it! Navigate to the browser and to the site yourself. And view your account as you normally would. But whatever you do don't click the link!

Sometimes you can hover over the link and see the url isn't the real one. But sometimes you can't tell. In any case, if you get an email asking you to log into one of your accounts, don't trust the provided link.

The bad guys are good at sending fake emails. It's better to not trust emails that ask us to click links.

And if you did click the link and you entered your information and you're scared it wasn't legit. Go to your real account and change your password. If it's a bank account, you can also contact the bank and let them know and ask what protections they have to help you.